SNPT offer an unrivalled combination of choice, quality and availability. As a committed partner to the pharmaceutical industry, we are perfectly placed to help you streamline your processes and reduce your time-to-market. 


Our range of pharmaceutical API is backed by an unrivalled track record for quality, reliability and safety. We can draw on decades of experience, state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities and a truly global network, so you can be sure of consistently outstanding generic API. Our approach to safety is just as thorough and comprehensive. Each stage of production complies with applicable national and international regulations, and fulfills our strict internal safety standards. As a result, you benefit from the very best product quality and safety – for smoother processes, greater certainty and less risk.

We supply a broad range of intermediates to the pharmaceutical industry. Some of our intermediates are based on amino acids – which act as valuable precursor compounds for chiral substances. We also offer extensive expertise in the manufacture and purification of derivatives of a variety of readily available L-amino acids.

3Food additives
Food additives are chemicals added to foods to keep them fresh or to enhance their colour, flavour or texture. They may include food colourings (such as tartrazine or cochineal), flavour enhancers (such as MSG) or a range of preservatives. Our food additives are listed on the product label, along with other ingredients, in a descending order by weight (flavours are an exception and do not need to be identified).

Our C&R teams have rich experiences in both clinical trial management and regulatory affairs consultation services, work closely with clients to understand their objectives, and generate solutions tailored to address the specific issues and goals. High quality services with world-class capabilities and unparalleled capacities to help clients bring new drugs and devices to market smarter and faster are offered.